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Mita de woh yaadein

Bhula de woh baatein

Ghiza de manhoosiyat,

Ata kar Roohaniyat

Hansega zamana,

kahega dewaana

Na janega ka kohi

Yeh moajaza tha Tera,

Yeh Kaffara tha mera.

Bus Rakhu Yaad tujhko

Itni iltija hai Mere Baba,

Jab Rubaru ho Mere Khuda Se,

Sir jhuka hua ho mera.

Bhula de, Mita de woh Mazi hai Mera

Ab Tu hi sukoon hai, tu muqaddar hai Mera.

Kabool hai yeh Hukum-e-nisyan Tera.

-Shereen Shalz


Wipe off the memories

Make me Forget all the conversations

Dissolve All the bad luck,

Grant me soulfulness

The world may laugh & call me crazy,

No one will ever know,

That This was your miracle

And my self punishment.

Just want to Remember only ‘You‘

That Is my only request ‘My Lord’

That When I meet you face to face,

Just Ensure That my head is bowed down.

Make me forget & Erase my memory as that’s my past.

From Now on only you are my peace and solace & my destiny

I accept this memory loss & amnesia.


Eh Zindagi

Eh Zindagi tujhse khafaa hu meh,

Is dil ki Gheraio meh khla hu meh,

Gila kareh kis se, tu apni Zat meh hai mazroof,

Tawajjo diya Nahi tumne, Zahir kiya nahi humne 

Guzar jayega ye Doar, mukammal ho jayega yeh Esra

Pur tu na samjhegi humari chahat, 

Aur hum rahenge teri tavaqqo se bohat kum

Tu rakh itminan, naa kar fikar

Ghair Mutmain hu meh

Preshan hu meh

Tadbeer de ya badal de taqdeer

Is hujoom meh bhi, tanha hu meh

Eh zindagi tujhse khafa hu meh.

-Shereen Shals


Dear Life, I’m upset & disappointed with you.

In the depth of my heart there’s emptiness, a void. 

Who should I complain to, you are too busy into yourself.

You never paid attention and I never bothered to mention.

This season will pass & time will end too,

You won’t understand my desires 

And I will never be able to meet your expectations 

But you don’t stress and don’t worry 

I’m unsatisfied and disgusted & restless.

Either give my problems a solution or change my destiny.

I’m lonely even in a crowd 

I’m upset with you Dear Life.

-Shereen Shalz


Ek Toofaan sambhaley bethe they hum,

Dariya ki Gheraiyon ki turrah,

Chupaiyeh huaeh they yeh ghum,

Dahung khub hum ne kura,

Rehnumae karnay meh kasar chori na kum,

Fir bhi Doob gaya mera Humdum,

Muqaddar ki laharon ne li roposhi,

Aur chor gaya ek zalzala,

Ab nahi hoti kum yeh bebasi,

Roj dastak dehti hai budkismaati,

Aur Hum taiyaar hokar,

utar te hai maidaan-e-Jung meh,


kabhi taqdeer se,

Kabhi aapno se,

Kabhi apne naseeb se,

Kabhi apne aap se,

Kabhi Zaat se,

kabhi kismaat se,

kabhi halaat se,

kabhi khuda se,

Thuk gaye hai hum ab aur na le imtehan,

Aaisa na ho toot jaye bharosa

Mit jaye sab Yakeein,

Hifazat kar, mehfooz Rukh,

Yehi meri Manajat,

Bus bahut huyi teri yeh Ibrat,

Meri Shrada aur Saburi ki,

Baba, bus ab Deh yeh Inayaat,

Jab thum jaye yeh toofan

Toh naseeb meh ho janaat

-Shereen Shalz


I have hidden a storm inside of me,

Like the depth of the river,

I’ve hidden all my sorrows,

Put up a good pretence

Left no leaf unturned in counselling and guiding others,

But still my my confidant and lover drowned,

To the waves of destiny & He now rests in peace.

He’s left behind an earthquake

That doesn’t seem to reduce my helplessness,

Everyday Bad luck seems to knock our door,

And we get ready to fight our battles


Fight sometimes with our destiny,

Sometimes with our own people,

Sometimes with our luck,

Sometimes we fight with ourselves

Sometimes with our soul and our being

And sometimes we are fighting with our God

I’m tired now, of your tests

I hope that you don’t test me to the point where I loose my faith and the trust gets wiped out,

It’s my prayer to Protect me & keep me safe,

Enough of trying to teach me a lesson,

In return of my patience and devotion dear Baba grace me,

That when this storm settles you will grant the doors to heaven

-Shereen Shalz

Noor-e-Thuda (Light Of God)

Noor e Khuda

Sawaalo ki Uljano Se bucha

Reham-o-Karam Baksha

Nafs tanaza Taiz ko sakoon Ata karna 

Gumshuda huhn Azli Rah dikha

Zehni aur Dil ko qararar Atiya Dena

Aapni Panah me leh ke mujhe

Mujhpe Mehar Farma

Meri Dua Yehi, ibadat Guzarish heh yeh,

Meh Talib huhn, Teri justajoo hai

Rah Dikha ke qaabil-e-qabool kar

Meri Nawaqif arz-e-iltiza manzoor Kar


-Shereen Shalz

Translation- Prayer-devotion to Allah-Request to God

Noor -e- Thuda means Light of God 

Save me from the confusion of questions that have no answers 

look at me with leniency and compassion almighty 

Rest my Soul & self-conflicts & harshness in life 

I’m lost show me the eternal path 

Grant me Peace, tranquillity of the mind & heart

Take me in your protection 

& Grace me

This is my prayer & my request with full devotion 

I’m a student and a seeker and have a quest 

Show me the way and accept my dedication 

Please accept my ignorant illiterate request 

My Faith Revalidated

I believed in Him,

I have felt His presence too,

I have acknowledged Him,

He created me & you.

But when I met Him

Face to face, I don’t know why?

I was mummed & I did cry,

Seeking Answers & forgiveness too,

He Answered saying,

“It was not you,

I designed it such,

it was meant to be,

You merely strolled the path

that led to me.

The path you humans call…


How else could I Revalidate

Your faith in Me.”

🙏Jai Sai Ram🙏

-Shereen Shalz

A Trubute for A departed Soul

We are all Gods souls

Connected to each other,

In forms of Some relations……

sisters, spouses & mother

Some souls connect to spread love,

And will always shine from above,

These souls connect with innumerable,

They give love & are loveable,

She was one of such kind,

Pure, pious & Divine,

She’s taken with her selfless love she earned,

Leaving us with lessons we’ve learnt,

Warmth in her hug,

Her Genuine love,

Her ever smiling face,

Ensuring No one was a ever a guest,

May Baba take His precious angel back to rest.

May Her soul rest in peace,

In Babas heavenly arms, while she sleeps.

-Shereen Shalz

Friends & Family

So my sweethearts loss is unfillable,

A place in my heart that is irreplaceable

And yet when I cry, wishing he was here

Spend the entire night flowing in tears,

Next morning come in friends & Family,

Offering their support & love to me.

Showered with so much love & care,

Life would be vacant if they weren’t there,

They’d do Anything to make me smile

and ensure that I don’t cry

All the support they gave to me

Unfolded a truth I didn’t see,

I realised How blessed I am

God took my most precious man,

But he gave me a big loving clan

Those zillion birthday wishes, messages and calls

Some social but not all

wanting me to be happy

& wishing me well

Made me realise….my biggest loss..

Unfillable, irreplaceable

will always be,

But I’ve got love

from my entire Family.

Never did and never will

believe in enemies,

There’s no such thing,

Because we are an echo of our own sounds,

We get what we give on rebound.

God is Love

& Love is God,

So while you are living

Spread love & ignite giving.

-Shereen Shalz

Seeking Birthday Blessings

Aaj Suuni thi waadein,

Akela tha yeh ghar,

Sab theh yaha,

Kaha gaya mera humsafar,

Muskurana bhi bhoj sa lugeh,

Nend aati nahi, rateh Na kataen,

Aasun bhi na hoteh kum,

Bus Baba, Bus Ab nahi aur Gum,

Guruji, rakh do mere sir pe haath,

Kabhi nahi chora mehne aap ka saath,

Aaj meri yeh khwaaishey puri kar do,

Mujhpe itni Rehmaat kar do,

Har pal rehna ung-sung mere,

Rahu charna Meh Mey tere,

Jeh meh bhataki farlena bahn

Jeh Meh bhuli kardena shama

Yeh haath sirf tere Ageh hi feleh,

Uteh sirf teri dua Meh, pehle,

Ina dena mehnu data,

Deh saku tere bandeya nu rahetaen

Mehar tu karna itni Data

Harpal jappan teri hi gaatha

Bunadeh mujko jogan aapni

Aur kohi dil vich khwaaish nahi rakhni.


On my Birthday

Seeking Baba & Guruji’s Blessings….

Today this land seems so empty,

The house felt alone,

Everyone was around

But where did my life partner go?

Smiling feels like a burden,

Can’t sleep & the nights don’t seem to pass,

And the tears don’t seem to stop,

Enough God, Enough, don’t give anymore sorrows.

Dear God, please put your hand on my head as a blessing,

I’ve never left your side,

Please grant me these wishes


Bless me today

Always stay besides me,

Keep me in your feet,

If I’m ever getting lost,

Hold my arm,

If I forget you, please forgive me,

I hope that these hands open only infront of you if I ever need anything & for prayer only first.

Give me just that much that I can be a source of relief for my fellow men.

Be kind and compassionate with me, my lord,

I hope I always sing, write & talk in your praise about You,

Make me your hermit

& May I have no other desires & wishes.

Flip Side of A coin

Flip side of a coin

Your loss, your pain

Your emptiness & your yearning,

Maybe someone else’s learning

Or maybe someone’s gain.

Two halves make one,

Two sides of a coin

Or none.

Each facing the other side

& going through sleepless nights.

Each with their own story to tell

& their own sorrows to dwell.

Two lost flip sides of a coin.

-Shereen Shalz

Sibling Love

We were born from the same womb,

Raised by the same bride & groom,

Fed with the same silver spoon,

Lived in the same cocoon,

Nurtured, groomed and bloomed.

Until we went our seperate ways,

Busy in our lives, day after day,

But that bond & love always stays.

Unspoken words need not to be defined,

My words here don’t need to rhyme,

Coz the sibling love always outshines.

-Shereen Shalz

Ishq-Divine Love for God

(love is God & God is Love)


Azzli muhabbat kar li humneh 

Yeh Shama na ho payi kam

Badleh kitneh mausam 

Kitneh tufaan aah kar gaye thum

Yeh tumahara Mushkilaat Say Bach Kar Aana 

Aur mere dil pur aapne naqsh chor jana

Na kum hui yeh alhada,na ishq hua kum

Na ki hoti bepanaah muhabbat 

Na Dast Bardaar Hoteh,

Na milti yeh Elahi, na deen daar hoteh

Is daimi ishq se sekha, Itaat Qubool Karna.

Is Bandegi ke sadqe,khudha ki ibadat qubool karna.

-Shereen Shalz

Translation In English


Divine Love

I have experienced eternal, never ending love,

The fire never went out 

Despite passing seasons, years, problems and issues.

Despite all obstacles everytime we were together you left a permanent mark on my heart.

Neither the fire nor the love burnt out.

If it was not for the endless, ceaseless love I would not have been able to surrender & renounce myself from my desires. Nor would have understood the meaning of divine & pious love 

This eternal love has taught me to surrender & the thanks to the passion I learnt devotion & surrender to the God.