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Love can’t be described
It has no shape, it has no form.
Love is not an object
Love does not conform.

Love enters our lives
The moment we are born.
From the cradle to the grave
Love is from dusk to dawn

Love burns like a candle
That sometimes flickers but never dies.
Love may be invisible
Although it’s right before your eyes,

Love can leave you empty
Love can make you whole.
Love can make or break you
Love is in your soul.

Love is in your heart
Love is in your mind.
Love doesn’t discriminate
Love is always blind.

Love is universal
It encompasses the globe
No matter where you are
Love has a language all its own.

Love is all around you
There’s plenty of love to spare.
You cannot see or touch it
But love is everywhere.

Love’s the greatest power
And yet it is so small.
Love’s a gift from God
To be shared amongst us all.

Love to All my family & friends-Happy Valentines Day

β€”Shereen Shalz


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