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Story-Rekindle your love

My Story-Rekindle the Love-Here’s a very deep rooted message for all of you- family & friends, based on my personal experience-

“ In a blink of an eye,everything can change.So forgive often & love with all your heart-You May never get that chance again.” 

Say I love you to the ones that are special & that you care for, don’t wait for their birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, sweethearts day, this day or that day, figure a way out to make everyday special , it’s not about candle lit dinners, expensive gifts, roses & parties, it’s the expression & feelings that matter, we tend to hold back & hold within & tend not to express that love that we feel for each other. Set your egos, fears, stresses, notions, insecurities, complexes, apprehensions & differences aside and rekindle that love. 

I’m no motivational talker nor a preacher/teacher, I speak from my experience. Yes, that loving post on FB on his/her birthday or anniversary sure makes him/her feel good and important. Don’t care what people think or what they say, you have the opportunity to wish him/her today but may not have it someday. Its  ok to let the world know how much you love him/her. When you are in love you can shout out from the top of the mountains or take out an announcement whatever you feel will make his/her day special and make him/her feel important. 

There should be no bounds to expression. Do you remember how you pivoted your teenage days on your crush and spend so much time to make your college sweetheart feel good, what happened after……..the loves still there, love is a divine energy, you stopped the flow you stopped expressing and communicating and let the distance and difference crawl in. Go back in time let the Teenager or youthful you spread the love. 

Love is boundless. God never said limit your love to one or two…….I see people sensing infidelity in that statement of mine, STAND CORRECTED it’s  your mindset, I’m talking about love…not commitments. “Love is God & God is Love” it’s written in all religious books in different languages. I never read a limit on number, quality nor quantity. There’s no physics applied.

Love your family, friends, pets, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife whatever identification/label tag you or society gave your relationship is not important what’s important is the deep-rooted, true, divine love you feel or some may say felt. I do hope you will read this till the end. 

Yes, we meet our soul mates, go through karmic relations & if we are lucky we even come face to face with our twin flames in this lifetimes, though that’s rare. Most people we connect with and when I say connect, you know there’s a divine, unexplainable, deep connect, those are our soul connects & they don’t necessarily have to be your soul mates, you may meet your soul sisters, soul friends, soul companions or simply have a soul connect. You meet many soul connects many times in your life, but they leave an impact on your mind and your so called heart but actually your soul recognises that previous soul connect but you only get the cues. If You are intrigued by soul connect you can read about it, there’s a lot out there on the net. I’ve been lucky to be able to identify many of my soul connects, some soul friends, my soul sisters, my soul mate and twin flame too. My message to you all comes from the story of my life. I met my Late husband Sundeep, lovingly known as Sunny, bittu, Sunna to me & a few other bedroom names I won’t go there. I met him in 1988 at College in NY, sure enough we were in love & next I know he was my college sweetheart and that’s another story to tell, we were just 18 and we married at 20 on June 23rd the American way & June 26th, 1989 the Hindu wedding in New York and we continued to cheat off of each other, party hard, scream shout, love, hugs and kisses & leaving the bedroom & wildness out, we were kids then & remained kids at heart until his death did us apart on Jan 23rd, 2020. Our relationship was a rollercoaster ride and trust me a fast moving one, life took us places, gave us experiences, memories & stories to tell. In our 32 years of togetherness whenever we felt distance crawling in or love lost one of us sure enough initiated the reboot button called Rekindle love, we by now knew each other well, each other’s likes and dislikes so it was all about rekindling our lost/hidden love. We did just that when we went on a family vacation in May 2016 to the Cancun’s  Mexico, where the entire Vij family created memories, what we didn’t know that would be our last one with him, Upon our return to India, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in June 2016 & this is how unpredictable life is. Today he’s no more, just stories & memories. So don’t wait for tomorrow’s, don’t take him/her or your relationship for granted. It may not give you a second chance, don’t let it go by…….

So sharing one such Re-kindle love poem I had written to Him

“As we age I cherish the past,

two lovers grew, 

a family at last.

A date night followed by talks, love or lust, holding hands & walks, 

Married in a wink, 

Opened my eyes & my heart did sink, 

next day schools and kids, waiting for the bus.

But together we were Us.

Kindergarten for kids went by fast,

dance, basketball, what a blast!

Our little baby is a teen,

where did the time go in between?

Date night, when was the last time?

work, bills, we we’re often left without a dime.

Working on budgets & stess grew with time,

Our kids our growing, graduation soon,

perhaps like a flower our lost love will bloom.

Our patience short, a sudden turn,

our love colliding, starting to burn.

Shouting, crying, regret once more,

have we forgotten our love, will there be no more?

Back from a seed, a giant Willow Tree,

spreading the roots, a strong foundation, a family tree.

Thankful for much, God’s helping hand,

guiding us with his mighty plan.

Through the dark, two lovers rise,

the blinders are taken from our eyes.

Thankful for much, why couldn’t we see

the blessings abound, a beautiful family.

Laughing, dancing, date nights, talks,

Drives, kissing, moon-lit walks.

Though the trials and tribulations we did see,

that true love and family forever will be.

Happy Anniversary 

Hope we can rekindle our lost love some day before it’s too late & hold on to it forever and a day.

With blessings Always.”

-Shereen Shalz 

Today On our wedding Anniversary my love I Continue to burn for you, love you eternally and Will love you forever my dear Sunna, wherever you are, you live on in my heart until we meet again. ❤️😍☹️ 😭I’m sharing the Rekindle your love message for those out there that may have build walls, bring them down… tends to hide behind them.

Stay well & Stay blessed.

Love & Hugs to All



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