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Like a River I flow…………….

I flow from my source

Raging through the mountains

Dancing against the rocks

Romancing with the beach

Jumping over boulders & blocks,

Swirling through the path,

Swaying in the plains

I keep flowing without complaints

Im often pushed from behind

Joined by many streams

Some become me and

they become mine,

Tied down in a canal

To irrigate my family

I’m still not rested

But I serve and am tested,

I hold many secrets

In my bed deep

They vent, they let go

It helps them sleep

Sometimes Held by a dam

Trying to control

But I free myself

flowing Towards my goal

Rain added into me

I gave away tributaries

I have eroded with time

And have abrasions and scars

On what I carry inside me

Remain within me and

Will always be

There were Rapids in my path

And meanders too

Some mocking parked boats

Some swimmers,some floats

Experiences many but

flow never slowed

There’s no stopping me

And I can’t stop

I will flow,

Be it boulders or be it rocks

I will find a way to the mouth

Where the river meets the ocean

I too will merge into the divine

Until then I go through my course

Unquestioned, unanswered

With faith I flow in the divine

Inspired by Ganga

In life and in rhyme

-Shereen Shalz


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