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The last Valentines Day wish

PLEASE READ TILL THE END-Here’s a very deeprooted message for all of you from my personal experience-“ In a blink of an eye,everything can change.So forgive often & love with all your heart-You May never get that chance again.” Say I love to to the ones you love this V-Day, it’s not about candle lit dinners, expensive gifts, roses & parties, it’s the expression of the feeling that we hold inside, of love for the other. Set your egos & differences aside and rekindle that love, So I use to write poetry & still do some of you know & some don’t but I wrote something on Valentines Day 2016 for my husband Sunny from my heart and gave to him that I stumbled upon it right now and would like to share it because it’s so ironical that, just the year we talked about rekindling our lost love in Feb 2016, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in June 2016 & this is life. Life’s unpredictable, don’t let it go by…….
Please read what I had written.

“As we age I cherish the past,two lovers grew, a family at last.

A date night followed by talks, love or lust,
Married in a wink,
next day schools and kids, waiting for the bus.

Kindergarten for kids went by fast,
dance, basketball, what a blast!
Our little baby is a teen,
where did the time go in between?

Date night, when was the last time?
work, bills, we were often left without a dime.
Working on budgets & stess grew with time,
Our kids were growing, graduation soon,
perhaps like a flower our lost love will bloom.

Our patience short, a sudden turn,
our love colliding, starting to burn.
Shouting, crying, regret once more,
have we forgotten our love,
will there be no more?

Back from a seed, a giant Willow Tree,
spreading the roots, a strong foundation, a family tree.
Thankful for much, God’s helping hand,
guiding us with his mighty plan.

Through the dark, two lovers rise,
the blinders are taken from our eyes.
Thankful for much, why couldn’t we see
the blessings abound, a beautiful family.

Laughing, dancing, date nights, talks,
Drives, kissing, moon-lit walks.
Through the trials and tribulations we did see,
that true love and family forever will be.

Happy Valentines Day
Hope we can rekindle our lost love some day before it’s too late & hold on to it forever and a day.
With blessings Always.”

-Shereen Shalz

Yes we sure rekindled our love and realised how deeprooted it was but destiny came with a deadline to show it.
Will love you forever my dear Sunna, wherever you are, you live on in my heart until we meet again. ❤️😍☹️ 😭


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