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Tarus Na kha hum pe,

Humari khudhi ka

na leh Imtehan

Kuch khuddaari reh neh do baaki

Aaisa Na ho keh meri bebaasi meri inteha bun jayee

Yeh sur jhuka tha sirf tere dur pe

Yeh haath utha tha dua Meh rab se

Aaj kyon ansooein se bharri hai ankhein kab se


Don’t feel sorry or sympathetic towards me

Don’t test me as a being

Don’t put me through anymore tests

Atleast let me have my self dignity

Don’t make me feel so helpless that It reaches a limit

This head only bowed in your temple

These hands only raised in prayer

Why today these eyes are filled with tears for so long.

-Shereen Shalz


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